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Think Like a CTO: Using Big Data to Solve Big Problems

What keeps most enterprise leaders up at night? As recent polls, surveys and market research shows, nearly every enterprise in 2019 has a fear of “death by Amazon.” Managing and utilizing customer data for an improved customer experience has become a hallmark of what Amazon consistently does better that its competitors. Amazon disrupts every industry it enters, forcing industry leaders to reshape their data strategy and customer experience – or face extinction. And they are just one of the many companies that are ready and willing to take your market share.

This is why we not only have to think of data differently but also leverage it to transform enterprise data into high impact experiences. In this talk, CTO Boost and DataStax will share with you how CTOs from some of the world’s largest enterprises and scale-ups are transforming rapidly, remaining agile, and winning the hearts and minds of their customers.

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Richard Lewis

Data Architectat DataStax

Gurminder Kandola

CTO Boostat CEO and co-founder