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Upcoming Webinars

September 12 
Webinar  |  Cassandra Version 4.0: What Can We Expect?

The release of Apache Cassandra™ 4.0 is upon us. Final testing is in the works, and cloud architects at companies like Netflix are anxious to migrate to the newest version of this powerful distributed database. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the main improvements and the newest features—but that’s not all. You’ll also experience a live demonstration of Zero Copy Streaming.

September 25 
Webinar  |  Solving IoT Data Management Challenges

Register to learn about the challenges of data management at scale, explore the criteria for data platforms of the future, and share insight on how enterprise organizations can capitalize on the sensor data beginning to flood IT infrastructure. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. IoT and 5G are at the heart of where AI and digital intelligence are headed—and how we’re going to use this data tomorrow would have been unimaginable just five years ago. Make sure your data architecture is ready for the change. Join the webinar on Wednesday and learn how to tackle the impending challenges of data management in the age of IoT.

September 26 
Webinar  |  Serverless Functions with DataStax Drivers

In this series finale, we will give an overview of some of the most popular Function as a Service (FaaS) offerings on the market, including AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions.You’ll also learn best practices for using DataStax drivers for Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise (DSE) in your serverless functions. This isn’t a dial-in-and-tune-out experience. Your webinar hosts will show you how serverless functions work firsthand with a short demo of deploying functions across multiple clouds. You'll even walk away with code samples you can try on your own.

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Archived Webinars

Webinar  |  Think Like a CTO: Using Big Data to Solve Big Problems

What keeps most enterprise leaders up at night? As recent polls, surveys and market research shows, nearly every enterprise in 2019 has a fear of “death by Amazon.” Managing and utilizing customer data for an improved customer experience has become a hallmark of what Amazon consistently does better that its competitors. Amazon disrupts every industry it enters, forcing industry leaders to reshape their data strategy and customer experience – or face extinction. And they are just one of the many companies that are ready and willing to take your market share. This is why we not only have to think of data differently but also leverage it to transform enterprise data into high impact experiences. In this talk, CTO Boost and DataStax will share with you how CTOs from some of the world’s largest enterprises and scale-ups are transforming rapidly, remaining agile, and winning the hearts and minds of their customers.

Webinar  |  Designing Fault-Tolerant Applications with DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra

Data resiliency and availability are mission-critical for enterprises today—yet we live in a world where outages are an everyday occurrence. Whether the problem is a single server failure or losing connectivity to an entire data center, if your applications aren’t designed to be fault tolerant, recovery from an outage can be painful and slow. Watch this on-demand webinar to look at best practices for developing fault-tolerant applications with DataStax Drivers for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise (DSE).

Webinar  |  Speed Dating with Apache Cassandra™

Microservices, security and compliance, multi-tenant data centers, cluster sizing … there’s a lot to consider when thinking about your data platform! Join us for an online meetup featuring experts from DataStax and our partner, software consulting firm Expero, to get bite-sized lightning talks covering these topics and more. We’ve curated a list of the most critical topics into this speed dating format to help you unlock the potential in your organization by maximizing the effectiveness of your data platform.

Webinar  |  Running DataStax Enterprise in VMware Cloud and Hybrid Environments

To simplify deploying and managing modern applications, enterprises have been combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the performance and scale of a NoSQL database — and the results have been remarkable. With this combination, IT organizations have experienced more agility, improved reliability, and better application performance. Watch this on-demand webinar where you’ll learn specifically how VMware HCI with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra™ are transforming the enterprise.

Webinar  |  Best Practices for Getting to Production with DataStax Enterprise Graph

A distributed graph database is the most powerful means of discovering and leveraging the relationships in your data. With the right techniques combined with the right enterprise graph features, you can build modern applications at scale for real-time use-cases. But how exactly should you manage and model your data for a distributed graph database? And how can you leverage the relationships in that data? Watch this on-demand webinar as our graph expert answers those questions and shares tips and insights into creating production apps with distributed graph data.

Webinar  |  How to Understand Apache Cassandra™ Performance Through Read/Write Metrics: A Beginner's Guide

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage free and open source tools as well as enterprise-grade utilities developed by DataStax to get a solid grasp on the performance of a masterless distributed database like Cassandra. You’ll also get the opportunity to walk through DataStax Enterprise Insights dashboards and see exactly how to identify performance bottlenecks.

Webinar  |  Better Together DataStax + Confluent

During this webinar, Cedrick Lunven and Eric Carlier use Apache Kafka ™ and Apache Cassandra ™ technologies to present, through a demo, a solution for collecting, analyzing, ingesting, and recovering real-time data flow This hands-on webinar will allow you to easily reproduce the solution by yourself!

Webinar  |  Fast Data: The Key Ingredients to Real-Time Success

Today, the average enterprise has data streaming into business-critical applications and systems from a dizzying array of endpoints, from smart devices and sensor networks to web logs and financial transactions. This onslaught of fast data is growing in size, complexity, and speed, fueled by increasing business demands and the growth of the Internet of Things. The ability to quickly act on information to solve problems or create business value has long been the goal of many businesses. However, it wasn't until recently when new technologies emerged that the speed and scalability requirements of real-time data analysis could be addressed both technically and cost-effectively by organizations on a larger scale. Watch this Database Trends and Applications' special roundtable to discover the key fast data solutions enterprise IT practitioners need on their radar.

Webinar  |  Up and Running with DataStax Desktop

This is the first in the Developer Summer Webinar Series; come ready to get hands-on with DSE and have access to expert guidance exactly when you need it. DataStax Desktop gives you push-button control to spin up a local instance of DSE with search, graph, and analytics workloads enabled and ready to go.

Webinar  |  Data Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud: A Four-Step Journey

Data management may be the hardest part of making the transition to the cloud, but enterprises including Intuit and Macy’s have figured out how to do it right. So what do they know that you might not? Join Robin Schumacher, Chief Product Officer at DataStax as he explores best practices for defining and implementing data management strategies for the cloud. He outlines a four-step journey that will take you from your first deployment in the cloud through to a true intercloud implementation and walk through a real-world use case where a major retailer has evolved through the four phases over a period of four years and is now benefiting from a highly resilient multi-cloud deployment.

Webinar  |  Graph Data at Scale: Lessons from Building the World’s Largest Distributed Graph Applications

In this webinar, we will share insightful lessons from building and shipping large scale applications built on graph databases. Find about practical and tangible decisions that come into play when designing and delivering solutions that can detect financial fraud, help law enforcement identify bad actors, tackle opioid crisis and any similar use cases where understanding network of people, places and events is critical to the success. Register today.

Webinar  |  Better Together: Apache Cassandra™ + Apache Kafka™

In this webinar delivered in French by Cedrick Lunven, you’ll be introduced to DataStax Apache Kafka Connector, and get a brief demonstration of this groundbreaking technology. You’ll directly experience how this tool can help you stream data from Kafka topics into DataStax Enterprise versions of Cassandra. The future of your organization won’t wait. Register now to reserve your spot in this exciting new French webinar.

Webinar  |  Core Banking System Offloading with DataStax Enterprise

Load from electronic banking puts strain on core systems. In this webinar we discuss how to capture data changes in mainframe-based core banking system and replicate them to DataStax Enterprise (DSE) in real time using automatically generated C++ code. Electronic channels are redirected to DSE using existing legacy APIs. The presentation will discuss solution design, innovative approach to automatic code generation and lessons learned from the platform implementation.

Webinar  |  Streamline Your Development with Apache Cassandra™ on the Azure Cloud

Register today to see a live deployment of DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Azure and learn how Marketplace is helping Azure customers discover top partner solutions that they can procure and deploy with ease. Lizzie LaCroix at Azure Marketplace and DataStax’s Scott Hendrickson will show you how quickly you can deploy your cluster in Marketplace and take you through all the tools you need for hassle-free application development. By the end of this session, you’ll have a solid understanding of how DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra on Azure will help you streamline development, and know how to get started with your own deployment … right away.

Webinar  |  Insuring the Future - Turning Disruption into Opportunity

Disruption. A word that gets thrown around so much these days, it’s beginning to sound like just another buzzword. But in the world of insurance, it's very, very real. Rising expectations of the always-connected customer … the explosion of cloud computing … the growth of AI … these seismic shifts are changing the insurance industry. Like their counterparts in banking and retail, insurance professionals are grappling with today’s megatrends and what they mean for modern business. We’re exploring these disruptions and discussing what they mean for you in our latest webinar: Insuring the Future and Turning Disruption into Opportunity. Register today.

Webinar  |  Better Together: Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka

In this webinar, you’ll also be introduced to DataStax Apache Kafka Connector, and get a brief demonstration of this groundbreaking technology. You’ll directly experience how this tool can help you stream data from Kafka topics into DataStax Enterprise versions of Cassandra. The future of your organization won’t wait. Register now to reserve your spot in this exciting new webinar.

Webinar  |  5 Steps to an Awesome Apache Cassandra™ Data Model

Picking the right data model is the most critical step to ensuring you get the most out of your Apache Cassandra implementation. For years, Patrick McFadin, DataStax’s own VP of Developer Relations, has been a go-to resource for enterprises wanting to learn how to do this right. In this expert session, Patrick will walk you through how to apply schema design based on your use case and the associated query patterns—but that’s not all. He’ll also share his five-step framework for implementing an awesome Cassandra data model.

Webinar  |  Data Trends 2019: Digital Innovation and Your Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Future

If your organization isn’t innovating, it’s ripe for disruption. So how are enterprise organizations innovating with cloud and on-premises deployments without architecting and developing for two separate worlds? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this exciting webinar. Join Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, and Patrick Callaghan, solutions architect at DataStax for a dynamic discussion on trends in data-driven innovation. They’ll cover everything you need to know to prepare your organization for innovating in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments in 2019.

Webinar  |  Introduction to Apache Cassandra™ + What’s New in 4.0

Apache Cassandra has been a driving force for applications that scale for over 10 years. This open-source database now powers 30% of the Fortune 100.Now is your chance to get an inside look, guided by the company that’s responsible for 85% of the code commits.You won’t want to miss this deep dive into the database that has become the power behind the moment — the force behind game-changing, scalable cloud applications - Patrick McFadin, VP Developer Relations at DataStax, is going behind the Cassandra curtain in an exclusive webinar.

Webinar  |  How Active Everywhere Database Architecture Accelerates Hybrid Cloud Deployments.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how an Active Everywhere database—a masterless architecture where multiple servers (or nodes) are grouped together in a cluster—provides a consistent data fabric between on-premises data centers and public clouds, enabling enterprises to effortlessly scale their hybrid cloud deployments and easily transition to the new hybrid cloud world, without changes to existing applications.

Webinar  |  How to Power Innovation with Geo-Distributed Data Management in Hybrid Cloud

Most enterprises understand the value of hybrid cloud. In fact, your enterprise is already working in a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment, whether you know it or not. Attend this 30-minute webinar to gain a greater understanding of the requirements of a geo-distributed cloud database in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. We'll discuss the differences & similarities between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud, why data autonomy is critical, and what you get with a distributed cloud database designed for hybrid cloud.

Webinar  |  Going Beyond Apache Cassandra

You may already know DataStax Enterprise features the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™. This series of four webinars details additional value DataStax Enterprise brings beyond Apache Cassandra in terms of database features and performance as well as breadth of platform capabilities including integrated administration, monitoring, developer tooling, graph, search, and operational analytics. Plus learn about DataStax Managed Cloud, where we handle the operations management for you so your team can focus on development.

Webinar  |  Aligning GDPR Requirements with Today's Hybrid Cloud Realities

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has sweeping effects on how enterprises manage their data. Without the right policies and safeguards in place, a tiny data mishap could end up turning into a catastrophic mistake.Join Datastax and our partner Thales eSecurity for a live webinar to learn how GDPR effects impact data management and the various ways enterprises can both comply and thrive in a hybrid cloud environment

Webinar  |  Designing a Distributed Cloud Database for Dummies

Join Designing a Distributed Cloud Database for Dummies—the webinar. The webinar “stars” industry vet Patrick McFadin, best known among developers for his seven years at Apache Cassandra, where he held pivotal community roles. Register for the webinar today to learn: why you need distributed cloud databases, the technology you need to create the best used experience, the benefits of data autonomy and much more.

Webinar  |  How to Evaluate Cloud Databases for eCommerce

Watch this quick 30 minute webinar for a discussion on how to overcome common eCommerce application challenges. You’ll discover the advantages of a distributed cloud database designed for hybrid cloud along with examples of how companies are delivering innovative and personalized ecommerce experiences. We'll discuss the sources of common data challenges and the hidden impact they have on business, the database requirements for improved customer experiences and innovative application delivery, and how leading organizations such as eBay, Sony, Macy’s, and Comcast are transforming the eCommerce experience with DataStax Enterprise 6.

Webinar  |  Optimizing Logistics and Supply Chain with Graph Technology

Join our partner, Expero, in this webinar to learn how graph technology can help improve delivery times, minimize transport risk through data analysis, and increase product satisfaction. Get an in-depth look at how predictive analytics can reduce operational bottlenecks and discover areas of concern affecting supply. With DataStax and Expero, you can visualize your data with real-time supply chain mapping through the power of graph technology.

Webinar  |  Impact of GDPR on US Companies & How Your Database is Crucial to Compliance

While some US companies may already have strong technology, operations and information practices in place, the reality for most US companies is that they have a lot of work to do to become compliant with the new regulations. Join Chris Mann, Senior EMEA Counsel, and Iain Finlayson, Solutions Engineer from DataStax to learn how the new regulations will impact US companies and how a hybrid cloud database can help you get and stay compliant with GDPR.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Real-Time Applications and Hybrid Cloud

Consumers in the Right-Now Economy demand instant, personalized experiences making "digital" a priority for nearly every enterprise on this planet. At the heart of this digital transformation strategy are real-time, always-on applications and hybrid cloud. So, how do you get there? It all starts with your data. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from James Curtis, Sr. Analyst at 451 Research and Kartavya Jain, Product Marketing Manager, in an informative discussion hosted by IDG to learn how enterprises are embracing "digital" in the Right-Now Economy by delivering faster, easier, and always-on applications and adopting hybrid cloud.

View On-Demand

Using IoT and Machine Learning for Asset Management

Don’t miss this live webinar, in which machine learning experts from DataStax and Expero will discuss how powerful, real-time data along with predictive analytics can be used to enable companies to order pumps, generators, compressors, and more days before old equipment fails, saving your operation weeks of non-productive time.

View On-Demand

DataStax Enterprise 6: 10 Ways to Multiply the Power of Apache Cassandra Without the Complexity

Today’s customers want experiences that are contextual, always on, and above all — delightful. To be able to provide this, enterprises need a distributed, hybrid cloud-ready database that can easily crunch massive volumes of data from disparate sources while offering data autonomy and operational simplicity. Don’t miss this webinar, where you’ll learn how DataStax Enterprise 6 maintains hybrid cloud flexibility with all the benefits of a distributed cloud database, delivers all the advantages of Apache Cassandra with none of the complexities, doubles performance, and provides additional capabilities around robust transactional analytics, graph, search, and more.

On-Demand (20 min overview) - English , French, German
On-Demand (1 hr deep dive on-demand) - English

Webinar  |  Crunching Seismic Data at the Edge

Don’t miss this webinar to hear how seismic exploration experts from Baylor University use DataStax Enterprise (DSE), an always-on, distributed cloud database, built on Apache CassandraTM, to confront the “real-world” constraints of acquiring, distributing, and processing seismic data at the edge and create high-frequency edge solutions at the point of data acquisition.

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Webinar  |  The Banking Evolution – From the Data Up

The banking and financial industry is undergoing a massive transformation, as traditional players are being disrupted by the digital natives. To stay competitive, banks must be able to leverage and integrate their data to provide a personalized, real-time customer experience across all touchpoints. Join Manisha Datye of TCF Bank and Kartavya Jain of DataStax to learn how the right database allows you to power real-time banking applications that deliver delightful experiences and effortless service excellence to the customers.

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Webinar  |  DataStax and Microsoft Azure:
Empowering the Right-Now Enterprise with Real-Time Apps at Cloud Scale

Today’s Right-Now Economy means employees and customers alike expect applications to be always on, real time, and contextual. But how do you manage applications that collect data from a variety of sources, at cloud scale, and provide instant insights? And, can you embrace the public cloud while still retaining control of your data? Watch this webinar to hear from Microsoft Cloud Architect and Azure Global Black Belt Ron Abellera and learn how an enterprise-ready hybrid cloud data layer can help to accelerate time to market and scale linearly, ensure continuous availability, and achieve data autonomy with a hybrid cloud strategy.

View On-Demand

Webinar  |  Staying Ahead of Financial Fraud with an Always-On Data Layer

As enterprises become increasingly digital, fraud and financial crime have become more sophisticated and pervasive resulting in the loss of billions of dollars every year. Fraudsters are spreading their activities across a large number of transactions and geographical regions, making traditional anomaly identification solutions, which focus only on discrete data points, nearly ineffective. To stop fraud in the moment or even before it happens, enterprises today need a data layer capable of processing high volumes of streaming data and analyzing relationships between massive amounts of transactions in real time. Furthermore, the data layer should have built-in enterprise-class security to prevent identity theft and safeguard customer data. Join us to learn how DataStax Enterprise, an always-on data layer with graph capabilities, is helping some of the world’s top brands, including 9 of the top 15 global banks, combat and prevent fraud in real time.

View On-Demand (in English)
View On-Demand (in French)
View On-Demand (in German)

Webinar  |  The Architect’s Guide to Customer Experience

Today’s customers are more fickle than ever. One tiny glitch or delay and poof, they’re gone. Keeping hold of them requires incredible speed and flexibility at the data layer in order to produce personalised, in-the-moment customer experiences that anticipate their needs and act before the customer even needs to ask the question.

View On-Demand (in English)
View On-Demand (in German)
View On-Demand (in French)
View On-Demand (in English)

Webinar  |  Featuring Forrester Research: Real-time Customer Experience for the Right-Now Economy

Welcome to the Right-Now Economy. To win in the Right-Now Economy, your enterprise needs to be able to provide delightful, always-on, instantaneously responsive applications via a data layer that can handle data rapidly, in real time, and at cloud scale. Don’t miss our upcoming webinar in which Forrester Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher will discuss why a singular, contextual, 360-degree view of the customer in real-time is critical to CX success and how companies are using data to deliver real-time personalization and recommendations.

View On-Demand

Webinar  |  Why an Operational Data Layer is Critical for Banking Transformation

Customer expectations are changing fast, while customer-related data is pouring in at an unprecedented rate and volume. Join this webinar, to hear leading experts from DataStax, discuss how DataStax Enterprise, the data management platform trusted by 9 out of the top 15 global banks, enables innovation and industry transformation. They’ll cover how the right data management platform can help break down data silos and modernize old systems of record as an operational data layer that scales to meet the distributed, real-time, always available demands of the enterprise. Register now to learn how the right data management platform allows you to power innovative banking applications, gain instant insight into comprehensive customer interactions, and beat fraud before it happens.

View On-Demand (in English)
View On-Demand (in French)
View On-Demand (in German)

Webinar  |  Becoming a Customer-Centric Enterprise Via Real-Time Data and Design Thinking

Customer expectations are changing fast, while customer-related data is pouring in at an unprecedented rate and volume. How can you contextualize and analyze all this customer data in real time to meet increasingly demanding customer expectations? Join Mike Rowland, Director and National Practice Leader for CX Strategy at West Monroe Partners, and Kartavya Jain, Product Marketing Manager at DataStax, for an in-depth conversation about how customer experience frameworks, driven by Design Thinking, can help enterprises: understand their customers and their needs, define their strategy for real-time CX, create value from contextual and instant insights.

Webinar  |  Innovation Around Data and AI for Fraud Detection

Financial service institutions have unique challenges when it comes to fraud and are facing ever-more-dangerous threats. ACI Worldwide, a payment systems company that serves 18 of the world’s 20 largest banks and 300 of the world’s largest retailers, has an extremely close view of these fraud-related challenges and threats, a view that has allowed it to become an innovator in fraud detection. Join Ken Chenis, Chief Architect at ACI Worldwide, and Kartavya Jain, Product Marketing Manager at DataStax, for a discussion on how ACI Worldwide is allowing banks to combat fraud affordably and effectively via a patent-pending method that makes data readily available to AI/machine learning on historic information yet also available in real time for live transaction processing.

Webinar  |  How to Get Real-Time Value From Your IoT Data

Millions of people, objects and ‘things’ connecting with each other is changing the way organisations and consumers interact with each other and the environment around them. Data comes from different geographical locations and across multiple channels. Managing this explosion of high velocity dynamic data while maintaining customer privacy is a challenge with legacy systems.

View On-Demand (in English)
View On-Demand (in German)
View On-Demand (in French)

Webinar  |  Building a Multi-Cloud Strategy with Data Autonomy featuring 451 Research

Data autonomy goes hand-in-hand with building a powerful, multi-cloud data management strategy. Enterprises today are rethinking their data management tactics in light of what they can achieve with the correct usage of the public clouds. In this on-demand webcast, guest speaker James Curtis, Senior Analyst, Data Platforms & Analytics, 451 Research, discussed how enterprises are getting valuable data autonomy and building game-changing multi-cloud database management strategies.

Webinar  |  Data Management for the "Right-Now" Economy

If the future of business is “right now”, so is the future of data management. When even a nanosecond of dissatisfaction can make a customer churn and a moment of downtime can lead to catastrophic revenue loss, you need your data management platform to be always on, always there for you, and always producing results. Watch this on-demand webinar for a look into the five unique but equally important ingredients of data management in the right-now economy.

View On-Demand (in English)
View On-Demand (in German)
View On-Demand (in French)

Webinar  |  Why Walmart & Macy's Use DataStax for Real-Time Personalization

A new age of “customer experience” is upon us - one that demands more than just data-driven reactions to customer behavior. Now - you can no longer just react to the customer, you need to instantly respond to the customer’s needs in the moment of interaction and according to what they are doing right now, while still taking into account historic behavior. Join for a discussion on why retailers are using DataStax to mold their customer experiences for the “right-now” economy, using our solution to build powerful applications that can adapt in-the-moment to every customer’s needs.

Webinar  |  Why Your RDBMS Fails at Scale

Relational database management systems have been around for a long time now. They’re still useful for certain things, but the way we produce and use data has changed so much over the last 10 years that what was once the tried and true to do data management is now becoming a struggle at best. Andrew Lampitt, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Jeff Carpenter, Technical Evangelist, address the reasons why relational databases are failing in the age of cloud applications, and what potential solutions and alternatives there are to be able to handle today’s data.

View On-Demand (in English)
View On-Demand (in German)

Webinar  |  Customer Experience in Banking - a CTO's Perspective

Traditional banks are being disrupted by digital natives that can integrate data and provide seamless, real-time customer experiences across all touchpoints. Watch this webinar on-demand, featuring Brett Brunick, Chief Technology Officer of TCF Bank, and Shubhra Sinha, VP of Portfolio Marketing at DataStax. Brunick and Sinha discuss delivering powerful, meaningful, and innovative experiences to banking customers across branches and digital channels.

Webinar  |  Delivering Enhanced Message Processing at Scale With an Always-on Data Management Solution

Managing 3.8 million e-prescriptions daily for more than 1 million healthcare professionals is no small feat. And, with rapid growth in the number of digital transactions and expansion of its network, Surescripts needed to replace its legacy relational database system to address a new set of data management challenges while meeting their customers’ demanding SLAs. Join us for this webinar to hear from Keith Willard, Chief Architect at Surescripts, to learn how and why Surescripts leverages DataStax Enterprise to deliver enhanced message processing at scale.

Webinar  |  Fighting Bank Fraud with Real-time Graph Database

Banking organizations are having to deal with highly complex fraud rings today. Fraudsters are spreading their activities across a large number of transactions and geographical regions in a more coordinated fashion, making traditional anomaly identification methods nearly obsolete. Join us for a discussion and live demo with Jie Wu, Director of Product Marketing, DataStax and guest speaker Scott Heath, Chief Revenue Officer, Expero for a discussion on how to use real-time graph database to effectively detect fraud and reduce risk in real time.

Webinar  |  Case Study: ProtectWise enhances network security with DataStax always-on data platform

DataStax customer, ProtectWise, a leading enterprise security provider, is revolutionizing how network security is managed by using innovative technologies such as machine learning, gaming, and virtual reality powered by an always-on data platform from DataStax to effectively detect fraud and combat network attacks. Hear from ProtectWise Co-Founder & CTO, Gene Stevens, and learn how ProtectWise uses next-gen technologies, including the advanced data management solution from DataStax, to protect customer data.

Webinar  |  The GDPR: The catalyst for customer 360

Achieving and managing GDPR compliance can be a complex task for organisations that handle a large volume of data. Organisations that aspire to evolve from a traditional business approach to digitally-driven processes and operations while managing compliance with the GDPR will need a 360-degree view of their data subjects and have data protection at their core. Join this webinar to get insights from both DataStax and IT Governance.

Webinar  |  Enhancing the Microsoft Office 365 experience at global scale with DataStax and Azure

When Microsoft deployed DataStax Enterprise on Azure to better understand user behavior and experience with Office 365, results included better support for its fastest-selling product, and more satisfied, productive customers. In this webinar, you'll hear directly from Microsoft and DataStax experts as they share the innovation that goes behind improving the Office 365 experience for 85 million active users.

Webinar  |  Enabling Real-time Fraud Detection At Scale

Access this on-demand webinar in French to understand how DataStax and Linkurious can help you detect identity theft and other fraudulent attacks in real time. This includes concrete applications for these technologies, from the Panama Papers to daily use cases in banks and financial institutions. Anti-fraud techniques and the advantages of graph-based solutions over traditional approaches are also be explained.

Webinar  |  Customer Experience for the ‘Right-Now’ Economy

Forrester Principal Analyst Tony Costa shares results from a survey of 200+ global organisations who responded to 19 in-depth questions evaluating the current success of their customer experience initiatives and the challenges they face. This webinar is your chance to hear fresh and exclusive insights about customer experience and to learn which technological innovations you need to establish top-class customer experience initiatives for your business.

Partner Webinar  |  DataStax on Azure: Deploying an industry-leading data platform for cloud apps to bring actionable insights at effortless scale

Join this webinar to learn how DataStax Enterprise (DSE) on Azure delivers experiences to cloud applications beyond customer expectations. Powered by the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra™ and leveraging the global scale, hybrid deployment capabilities, and ease of integration of Azure, DSE is the always-on data platform that allows you to focus on what matters most to you by ensuring your applications scale reliably and effortlessly while delivering actionable insight in real-time.

Partner Webinar  |  Mesosphere and DSE: Production-Proven Infrastructure for Fast Data

Mesosphere DC/OS is the only production-proven platform that runs both containers and data services on the same infrastructure. Mesosphere DC/OS deploys and scales DataStax Enterprise, while running it on the same shared infrastructure as your containers and other big data services such as Kafka and Spark. Mesosphere DC/OS is the only production-proven platform that elastically powers containers and data services. Based on Apache Mesos, DC/OS is trusted by Verizon, Autodesk, Charter, Esri and many other Fortune 1000 companies. In this webinar, experts from DataStax and Mesosphere provide an overview of requirements for fast data applications, and explore the use cases for running DataStax Enterprise on the Mesosphere DC/OS platform

Webinar  |  GDPR compliance requirements for Cloud-based applications with DataStax and IT Governance

IT Governance and Datastax have joined forces to deliver this session, which is designed to equip professionals involved in GDPR compliance with a comprehensive understanding of the Regulation’s requirements for Cloud-based applications. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply from 25 May 2018 to all organisations that process European residents’ personal data. Under the GDPR, businesses that fail to comply with the Regulation and suffer a data breach could face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global revenues – whichever is greater.

Webinar  |  Why You Need A Graph Database to Understand Your Customers

Companies across a variety of industries are trying to attain a holistic view of their customers. From creating a more personalized experience, to creating more timely and relevant support, to simply marketing to them more efficiently and effectively, there are tremendous gains to be had with a 360-degree view. However, achieving this 360-degree view requires serious data — or more accurately, serious crunching and analyzing of data to understand customer relationships across every touchpoint and multiple business units. Sound challenging? It was. Until graph databases.

Partner Webinar  |  Bringing Game-Changing Insights with Graph Databases

For many important problems, such as fraud detection, search, personalization, recommendation, and user authorization, data generated by graph databases are often easier and more efficient than other alternatives. Join our partner, Expero, to learn how applying user-centered strategies and leveraging the latest UI tools to your graph database can bring game-changing insights, finding critical concepts, clusters and relationships out of once-disconnected data.

Webinar  |  Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases

Modern fraud detection has significant engineering challenges. From managing the ingestion and scale, to the analysis of those patterns in real-time. We'll first take a look at how DataStax Enterprise Graph, powered by the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra™, can meet those requirements to help you save the day.

Webinar  |  Transforming Customer Experience Through an Always-On Data Platform

According to Forrester Research, leaders in customer experience drive 5.1X revenue growth over laggards. And although 84% of companies aspire to be a leader in this space, only 1 in 5 successfully delivers good or great customer experience. Join us for our next webinar where Mike Gualtieri, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Rajay Rai, Head of Digital Engineering at Macquarie Bank will share how Customer Experience can drive business results such as faster revenue growth, longer customer retention, greater employee engagement and improved profit margins.

Webinar  |  Bloor Research & DataStax: How graph databases solve previously unsolvable business and technology challenges

Philip Howard, industry analyst and database technology expert from Bloor Research International will present recent market research results and discuss the best and latest solutions as well as provide advice for identifying the right match for specific use cases. DataStax will also share case studies where DSE Graph technology is being applied to transform the customer experience in industry sectors such as Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Logistics, Media and Entertainment. Attend this webinar to find out more about graph database technology, all the choices on the market today and how you can transform your own technical solutions and customer experience.

Webinar  |  An inside look: Walmart unlocks the secret to delivering a winning digital customer experience

Enterprises around the world are prioritizing customer experience as a corporate initiative essential to their ability to compete. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cutthroat world of retail. Learn how Walmart serves nearly 260 million customers each week via their eCommerce websites and apps and 11,504 stores in 28 countries. With revenue of $486 billion in 2015, Walmart is transforming their strategy to deliver the next generation of customer experience.

Webinar  |  Macy’s: Why Your Database Decision Directly Impacts Customer Experience

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, there’s only a 43% chance that customers who have a poor experience will stick with you for the next 12 months. Contrast that to the 74% that will remain your customer if they have a great experience. Learn how Macy’s, a leading American department store chain founded in 1858 with over 750 stores in North America, is transforming their customer experience with DataStax Enterprise.

Webinar  |  The Performance Challenge: Providing an Amazing Customer Experience No Matter What

Building and managing cloud applications is not easy. Delivering one with an amazing customer experience is even harder. Join us for “The Performance Challenge: Providing an Amazing Customer Experience No Matter What” webinar where we will deep dive into the challenges customers face with providing a consistent experience no matter where customers are, providing real-time access to data and how DataStax Enterprise can help.

Webinar  |  The Agility Challenge: Powering Cloud Applications with Multi-Model & Mixed Workloads

Building and managing cloud applications is not easy. Teams come face to face with these challenges: agility, manageability, performance, scalability, continuous availability and of course, security. Join us for “The Agility Challenge: Designing with Multi-Model & Mixed Workload in Mind” webinar where we will deep dive into challenges customers face with multiple data models including graph, mixed workloads and how DataStax Enterprise can help.

Webinar  |  Proofpoint, a pioneer in security-as-a-service protects people, information and brands with DataStax

Proofpoint is a visionary leader in social media, email and mobile security and compliance. Their technology consumes and correlates billions of events every day across all of these communication channels to detect bad actors in real-time and deliver deep threat protection and intelligence. Proofpoint uses DataStax Enterprise (DSE) as a key piece of their platform to deliver industry leading security and compliance solutions. In this webinar, VP of Engineering at Proofpoint, Rich Sutton will share the use cases they’ve deployed on DataStax Enterprise, highlight the problems solved and outcomes achieved and share their journey into the world of NoSQL.

Webinar  |  DataStax Enterprise 5.0: What’s New and How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

Want help building applications with real-time value at epic scale? How about solving your database performance and availability issues? Then, you want to hear more about DataStax Enterprise 5.0. Join this webinar to learn what’s new in DSE 5.0 ‒ the largest software release to date at DataStax. DSE 5.0 introduces multi-model support including Graph and JSON data models along with a ton of new and enhanced enterprise database capabilities.

Webinar  |  Top 5 Reasons Why DataStax Enterprise Is Game Changing For Architects

Are you building or managing applications that require real-time value at epic scale? Are you struggling with performance and availability issues with your current database architecture? Every day, DataStax Enterprise helps customers achieve the scale, performance, and uptime required by their cloud applications, such as running highly personalized searches for 65 million+ monthly active users, delivering 100% uptime even during AWS outages and more. Join Robin Schumacher, VP of Products at DataStax in this informative session to learn more about the powerful new capabilities that are coming to the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) platform including multi-model support for Graph and JSON data models, as well as a laundry list of other valuable enterprise database features.

Webinar  |  Dyn + DataStax: Helping Companies Deliver Exceptional End-User Experience

Dyn delivers exceptional Internet Performance. Enabling high quality services requires data centers around the globe. In order to manage services, customers need timely insight collected from all over the world. Dyn uses DataStax Enterprise (DSE) to deploy complex clusters across multiple datacenters to enable sub 50 ms query responses for hundreds of billions of data points. From granular DNS traffic data, to aggregated counts for a variety of report dimensions, DSE at Dyn has been up since 2013 and has shined through upgrades, data center migrations, DDoS attacks and hardware failures. In this webinar, Principal Engineers Tim Chadwick and Rick Bross will cover the requirements which led them to choose DSE as their go-to Big Data solution, the path which led to SPARK, and the lessons that we’ve learned in the process.

Webinar  |  How to Achieve High Throughput for Real-Time Applications with SMACK, Apache Kafka and Spark Streaming

Join DataStax for a webinar to learn how to achieve high throughput processing for real-time applications using SMACK, Apache Kafka and Spark Streaming. Customers today expect immediate response times with their daily interactions - whether it’s conducting a search for a product, using a service, placing an order, or asking a question - it doesn’t matter. Making your customers wait results in lost sales and increased churn. Developing a real-time application that can provide the instantaneous response times that your customers expect is critical for a competitive advantage.

Webinar  |  Bitcoins and Blockchains - Emerging Financial Services Trends and Technologies

In this webinar, Vincent de Lagabbe, co-founder and CTO at Kaiko, will discuss the emerging trends and technologies within the financial services industry. Vincent will explain the Bitcoin ecosystem, which is comprised of Blockchain Data, Miners (their importance and motivations), Exchanges, and Bitcoin Wallets. Vincent will also explain how Kaiko analyzes the Bitcoin ecosystem to help businesses make sense of the data, and how they leverage DSE to successfully deliver those services.

Webinar  |  Reporting from the Trenches - How Intuit Uses Cassandra Effectively to Improve Customer Experiences

In this webinar, Rekha Joshi, Staff Software Engineer at Intuit, will share how Intuit leverages Apache Cassandra™ as their backbone database technology to improve customer experiences through a Personalized A/B Testing platform. The platform is used to continuously improve customer experiences across product units at the company and works at scale, with low latency and high throughput.

Webinar  |  How jKool Analyzes Streaming Data in Real Time with DataStax

In this webinar, Charles Rich, VP of Product Management at jKool will share their journey with DataStax; how jKool knew from the start that traditional relational databases wouldn’t work for the scalability and availability demands of time-series data, and why they turned to DataStax Enterprise for blazing performance and powerful enterprise search and analytics capabilities.  

Webinar  |  ProtectWise Revolutionizes Enterprise Network Security in the Cloud with DataStax Platform

In this webinar, Gene Stevens, Co-Founder and CTO at ProtectWise will discuss how they rely on DataStax Enterprise to provide an always-on, highly scalable, and secure platform to build their network security technology delivered 100% from the cloud. He will dive into how ProtectWise deals with multi-petabytes of streaming data with extremely fast write speeds without latency, data loss or downtime, why relational database technologies do not meet the stringent requirements that their cloud-based enterprise network security service demands and how DataStax Enterprise provides analytics and search capabilities for near real-time streaming and time-series data.

Webinar  |  Big Data Analytics with Cassandra and Spark

Apache Cassandra is the leading distributed database in use at thousands of sites with the world’s most demanding scalability and availability requirements. Apache Spark is a distributed data analytics computing framework that has gained a lot of traction in processing large amounts of data in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The joining of both provides a powerful combination of real-time data collection with analytics. After a brief overview of Cassandra and Spark, this class will dive into various aspects of the integration.

Webinar  |  SpringCM Transforms Document Management at Scale with Distributed Database Solution with DataStax and HP Moonshot

SpringCM will discuss how they achieve massive scalability and blazing performance with DataStax Enterprise and HP Moonshot Solutions; to transform enterprise document management forever. They will dive into: how they broke through their capacity to run millions of workloads per hour, why relational database technologies simply cannot handle the scalability demands of document management SaaS, and how they deliver up to 70% more energy savings than traditional rack server architecture.

Webinar  |  Oracle to Cassandra Core Concepts Guide Pt. 3

Tired of timeouts? Cursing your cursors? Join the distributed revolution and bring your dev team into application nirvana. You won’t believe how easy it is to be code complete on your next big project. We will show you how to lead your devs away from the clutches of the DBA and be in control of their own data destiny. DIscover the methodology that will make your Cassandra project epic.

Webinar  |  Oracle to Cassandra Core Concepts Guide Pt. 2

Third normal form? That’s so 20th century. Learn the newest techniques to make your Cassandra database sing from the rafters in performance and scalability. AND it uses concepts that you already know and apply every day. You can do this. This is the must-see half hour of your professional life! These developers found a new way to work with databases. First you will be shocked, then you will be inspired!

Webinar  |  Oracle to Cassandra Core Concepts Guide Pt. 1

Oracle is a database. So is Cassandra. And that’s about it as far as how they are similar. How they are different though… well, that’s when things get good. Have you tried to scale your Oracle database to handle 1M simultaneous users (without ruining your mental health and close personal relationships)? How about creating 100% uptime with active-active datacenters? You don’t even want to think about it, do you? Spend some time with us to learn how Cassandra can make you into the database rockstar you know you are.

Webinar  |  Aeris + Cassandra: An IOT Solution Helping Automakers Make the Connected Car a Reality

Aeris Communications is an Internet-of-Things (IOT) pioneer, ushering in a new generation of connected vehicles designed to improve the driver experience and safety. Join this webinar to learn why Aeris selected Apache Cassandra™ over relational technologies for their IOT application and how Cassandra helps their customers like Hyundai, Chrysler and Honda improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enable new revenue streams through the reality of the connected car.

Webinar  |  Leveraging Docker and CoreOS to provide always available Cassandra at Instaclustr

With a growing customer base and Cassandra clusters running on-top of a number of the world’s largest cloud and bare-metal hosting providers, Instaclustr is at the forefront of always-on Cassandra hosting. Instaclustr leverages the power of Docker, a modern containerization solution for Linux, and CoreOS, a lightweight Linux distribution tailored to running software inside containers, to build a stable and adaptable Cassandra hosting platform.

Webinar  |  Creating the Perfect Development Environment with Cassandra

Being able to rapidly iterate on, build, and test your code is key to being a productive developer. Without local automation, working with the numerous platforms and technologies in your stack can become very frustrating. In this webinar, Ben Bromhead CTO of Instaclustr will explore best practices to easily integrate Apache CassandraTM into your development workflow, so you spend more time writing good code and less time fighting your environment.

Webinar  |  Understanding DSE Search

Petabyte search at scale: understand how DataStax Enterprise search enables complex real-time multi-dimensional queries on massive datasets. This talk will cover when and why to use DSE search, best practices, data modeling and performance tuning/optimization. Also covered will be a deep dive into how DSE Search operates, and the fundamentals of bitmap indexing.

Webinar  |  DataStax Announces DSE 4.7, the Complete Distributed Database Platform with Integrated Search, Analytics and In-Memory, Purpose-Built For Mixed Workloads

DataStax recently announced the general availability of DataStax Enterprise 4.7 (DSE 4.7), the leading database platform purpose-built for the performance and availability demands of web, mobile, and IOT applications. In this product launch webinar, Robin Schumacher, VP of Products, explores the wide range of enhancements in DSE 4.7 including enterprise class search, analytics, and in-memory.

Webinar  |  DataStax Ruby Driver Explained

To meet the demands of today's modern Web, Mobile, and IOT applications built on Apache Cassandra, DataStax makes it a priority to deliver drivers for today's most common and cutting edge languages. Join this webinar to learn about the inner-workings of the DataStax Ruby Driver for Apache Cassandra.

Webinar  |  Microservices with Node.js and Cassandra

Stop writing monolithic web applications that are complex and inflexible! It’s time to break everything apart into independently deployable services that make it easier to scale and pivot in the face of rapidly changing requirements. Learn why Apache Cassandra and Node.js are great choices to build fault-tolerant systems.

Webinar  |  Get On-Demand Education Anytime, Anywhere with Coursera and DataStax

Today’s geographically distributed and digitally empowered students look for tailored, on-demand educational experiences causing traditional in-classroom methods of learning to be quickly replaced with personalized online solutions. Coursera, a provider of the world’s best education for renowned universities such as Stanford, Princeton and the University of Edinburgh, built their e-learning platform on DataStax Enterprise

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