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Cassandra by the Numbers



Year Apache Cassandra was born


Nodes in largest Cassandra deployment (at Apple)


Versions of Cassandra See History

Professional man using DataStax technology on tablet

DataStax really helps us scale our environments infinitely as we grow beyond the capabilities of single or even a cluster of computers.

– Steve Hirsch, Chief Data officer, ICE, parent company of NYSE

How It Really Started: A View From the Trenches

DataStax Head of Developer Relations Patrick McFadin shares his experience as one of the first database administrators to believe in Cassandra.

Meeting of the Minds

DataStax co-founder Jonathan Ellis and Apache Cassandra co-creator Avinash Lakshman discuss the power of open source and one very important smoke break in their first-ever face-to-face encounter, maybe.

No Hubris – No Regrets

DataStax Head of Developer Relations Patrick McFadin and DataStax co-founder Jonathan Ellis talk Cassandra’s beginnings, how DataStax grew out of it, and not hating on Python.

Latest News

Read more about Apache Cassandra in IDG Connect article, 10 years of Apache Cassandra

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