DataStax DevCenter

Free Visual Schema and Query Tool for Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise Developers and Administrators.
Easily Create Queries and Commands
DevCenter is an easy-to-use visual query tool that allows developers to create and run CQL queries and commands against Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. Users can quickly add and create new connections, import previously saved queries and navigate database instances. Tabbed editors allow administrators to work on multiple database sessions at a time and compare results.
Visually Create and Navigate Database Objects
DevCenter empowers users to stay on top of their data by visually navigating and interacting with database clusters, keyspaces and objects via a visual explorer. It also provides interactive wizard-driven management of keyspaces, tables, secondary indexes, and user defined types using an intuitive flow.
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Create CQL Queries Fast and Efficiently
DevCenter’s powerful editor makes it easy to create even complex queries. Its context-based suggestor with query validation and ready-to-use code snippets help users quickly write queries that run the first time without error. Full CQL support is enabled in DevCenter so you can manage permissions, create and modify database objects, and query data without restrictions.
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View Query Results and Tune Queries for Faster Performance
DevCenter allows you to easily view, format, and save results from queries. Results are managed by a smart grid output that allows users to personalize column size, sort order and more. Additionally, DevCenter automatically traces each query to provide key diagnostic information (similar to an Explain Plan in an RDBMS, but more detailed) that helps you tune queries for faster performance.
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First Class Support for JSON
DevCenter supplies intelligent JSON data editors that feature syntax highlighting, code assistance, auto-corrections and smart validations for working with JSON data - enabling developers to fully utilize the new JSON support found in recent versions of Apache Cassandra. DevCenter also provides an elegant JSON results viewer that makes it easy to view JSON data with its syntax highlighting and code folding.
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Works with DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise
DevCenter provides data connection options across multiple versions of Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. DevCenter runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems and is free to download and use without any restrictions.
Deliver Dynamic Online Applications
DevCenter empowers organizations to build powerful data-driven online applications more quickly than just using manual, command-line tools. Write queries and code right the first time and avoid tedius errors.
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